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Dinner on the Boat

We offer dinner organizations on the boat for individuals or groups who want to have their dinner in a magnificent atmosphere. Dinner services on the boat can be preferred for business lunches, a romantic dinner or pleasant times to spend with friends. Our services, which you can choose for all your corporate or individual invitations and organizations, offer you a magnificent dinner organization in the heart of Istanbul, on the Bosphorus.

What are the Dinner Options on the Yacht?

When it comes to dinner on the yacht, of course, the first thing that comes to mind is fish. In addition to fish or grill options, a rich menu is offered including cold appetizers, appetizers, main course, salad and mixed fruits. You can have an unforgettable and enjoyable time by choosing the boats for a wonderful dinner. Many alternative options are offered for dinner. With the menus to be determined according to your preferences, you can have a romantic dinner prepared, or you can organize group dinners and business or friends dinners. After the romantic dinner organization , you can also sign a wonderful marriage proposal and let the throat witness this special moment.

Where is the Yacht Dinner Prepared?

According to the services to be preferred, the meals for dinner on the yacht can be served hot from the best restaurants . In addition, on yachts with sufficient personnel and technical facilities, it is possible to prepare meals on the yacht. You can always benefit from professional solutions in dinner organizations according to your preferences and taste delicious food in a unique Bosphorus atmosphere . Delicious and warmly served dishes make for an unforgettable dinner. Dinner services on the boat can be preferred, whether with your friends, your lover or for business invitations. As one of the few corporate companies that provide dinner services on the boat on the Bosphorus, we always continue to be with you in the most special dinner invitations.

Dinner Organization on the Bosphorus on the Bosphorus

Dining on the boat offers a good option for those who want to organize an alternative dining event today. You can take advantage of our expertise to have the always special dinners in a magnificent setting and in the middle of the Bosphorus. You can organize an unforgettable dinner party with corporate support from our company for your dinner organizations on the Bosphorus and host your guests in a quality environment with delicious meals.

How Much Are the Prices of Dinner on the Boat?

You can safely benefit from our Istanbul services for special celebrations, marriage proposal and romantic private dinners, business lunches and dinner on board for pleasant dinners with friends. Contrary to popular belief, renting a boat and arranging meals on board is not an expensive activity. Thanks to our budget-friendly price policies , you can always benefit from the best price advantages. By choosing our corporate company for dinner organizations on the boat, you can take advantage of these advantageous prices right now and organize an unforgettable dinner invitation.