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Yacht Charter in the Bosphorus

Istanbul is one of the most special cities in the world, thanks to both its historical texture and its Bosphorus. It is also possible for those who want to explore the sea of ​​this city and have a pleasant time, and have a different experience by taking advantage of the yacht charter services in the Bosphorus.Yacht charter services, which you can choose for many organizations in Istanbul, offer a service beyond your expectations. Our company, where you can find the latest model yachts and boats, offers you corporate yacht charter services .

How to Rent a Yacht in the Bosphorus?

It is extremely important to work with reliable companies for boat and yacht rental services in the Bosphorus. First of all, when you decide to charter a yacht, it will be necessary to decide which of the hourly yacht charter or daily charter options will be preferred.It is possible to benefit from yacht charter options, whether daily, hourly or according to different time limits. By choosing our corporate company, you can benefit from expert solution suggestions in yacht charter services.

What are the Capacities of Yachts and Boats for Rent in the Bosphorus?

Those who want to sign unforgettable invitations or organizations in the unique waters of Istanbul will need to take advantage of yacht charter options. Crew and passenger capacities vary according to the characteristics of the yachts to be chartered. By choosing our yacht charter services in the Bosphorus, you can find the most suitable yacht for you and you can benefit from charter options for many different organizations from weddings to birthday parties, from after parties to graduation balls.


Yacht charter services take the first place among the best activities and organizations to be held in Istanbul. It is possible to take advantage of yacht charter options, whether for parties or organizations with special guests, or just for a Bosphorus tour with your close friends. In Istanbul, it is possible to benefit from daily yacht charter services to see the spots you have not seen before, swim in the sea and have a pleasant time on the yacht. As one of the first companies that come to mind when it comes to yacht charter service in Istanbul, we offer you advantageous yacht charter options for all kinds of organizations. To have an unforgettable experience on the Bosphorus, you can safely choose our yacht charter services and benefit from our corporate services.

How Much Are Yacht Charter Prices in Bosphorus?

There are many different factors that determine the prices in yacht charter services. Among these factors, the characteristics of the yacht to be chartered are the most basic. In addition, yacht rental periods cause prices to change. Our company, which always offers budget-friendly corporate price policies, provides you with the most suitable options for yacht charter. You can have an unforgettable experience thanks to our company, where you can benefit from corporate and affordable yacht charter services in Istanbul. You can explore the most special spots of Istanbul and host unforgettable organizations by taking advantage of the boat rental services on the Bosphorus. You can always benefit from our yacht charter options in the Bosphorus with the best price advantages and benefit from expert yacht charter solutions.